Youki Kanno: Singer, Songwriter

Sample1: theme of, the Case of Cursed Blade.
Sample2: till

Birthday: 17th july
Blood type: O
Hometown: saitama
Hobby: listen music
Blog: Link here

(main works)

PC game Youtou jiken opening: theme of, the Case of Cursed Blade.
ending: till
TV Anime Amatsuki opening: Casting Dice
Anime 2027 song: THE DIE IS CAST
CHAOCHAOTV Anime Oresama kingdamu song: monorouge
PC game Oiran rujyu opening: Baby alone
eding: oui-lin rouge
PSP game nise no tigiri opening: Yakusoku shiou
ending: kienai kizuna
PSP game nise no tigiri opening2: utakata no yume
PC game Traburu supairaru ending: hohoemitai

1st single - Casting Dice
1st album - Piercing Voice
2nd single - utakata no yume

MMORPG game shin megamitensei imagine Theme: HELL or HEAVEN
Aika Yoshioka